Granite Falls & Big Meadows, September 1-3


Destination: Granite Falls & Big Meadows, Rocky Mountain National Park

Hiking Difficulty: 6.6 miles one-way, 2,000 foot elevation gain (Lung Burning Intervals)

Duration: 2 Back Country Nights/ 3 Hiking Days

Departure Time: 7:30 A.M. Gear Check at the Grand Lake Visitor Center, Friday 9/1

The Nitty Gritty: The first two hard miles up Green Mountain Trail Head will be worth it, as wildlife frequents this trail.  We 99.99% guarantee we will encounter something, we also 1 in 1 million guarantee you will see Bigfoot… so we’re saying that there’s a chance.  This trail will follow the Tonahutu River, with sweeping views of Big Meadows and opportunities to explore Granite Falls and for extensive day hikes and back country recreation based on your interests.  This campsite accommodates up to groups of 10, which is great for families, friends and people who end up being friends because back country camping is awesome.

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