Cascade Falls & Big Pools, August 10-13th


Destination: Lone Pine Lake, Rocky Mountain National Park

Hiking Difficulty: 3 miles one-way, 100 foot elevation gain (A Walk in the Park… Rocky Mountain National Park)

Duration: 2 Back Country Nights/ 3 Hiking Days

Departure Time: 10:30 A.M. Gear Check at the Grand Lake Visitor Center, Friday 8/10

The Nitty Gritty:  A pleasant stroll up the North Inlet Trail Head, following the North Inlet River into the dense woods leading to Cascade Falls in Rocky Mountain National Park. Ample opportunities for day hikes and fishing in the Park, with guided fishing included with a valid fishing license.  This hike is an excellent choice for families that are looking to get into adventuring together and can accommodate up to a family of five.  If you are looking to learn basic back country skills, this trip is an excellent option; we have a guide who can start a fire with a rock and a stick, so you could likely leave with that skill too.

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